This is WIle Coyote

For many years, Wile has made every attempt to pull a fast one on the RoadRunner, attempting to catch him, but every time he’s tried, the RoadRunner was just too smart for him. And every time, he ended up hurt. Bruised, wounded, crushed, defeated. He tried every trick and scheme he could muster up, but it just never seemed to work. The RoadRunner was just genetically designed to outpace him every time. Yet, Wile kept on trying to catch him.

This is the part of the story where you expect me to tell you the happy…

Nobody is here to save you

Last night, after a full year of a depressed economy affected by a global health crisis, millions of people losing their jobs, shutting their businesses down, Congress finally came to an agreement to release another stimulus package for the American populous. However, before President Trump could pass this 0.9 trillion dollar bill, he demanded higher stimulus for American families

Regardless of what your political belief is, one thing is certain. Our economy has been flipped on its head since the lockdown and everyone has felt the burden.

One thing I will say is certain…

If you’ve read my other posts, you’ve seen that I was in Puerto Rico for a few days renovating the family condominium.

I had to share with you an experience that seems so magical it’s almost out of a movie. After many days of hard work replacing the kitchen, the apartment was finally done, and it was time to unwind.

On the way back the last time this trip to the condo from Home Depot, the Uber driver stated something that resonated sharply with my uncle and I and was the prelude to this experience i will share with you…

Over the last three days, I’ve been staying in Puerto Rico helping my uncle make some renovations on the condominium for his AirBNB. It’s a few sandal steps right off the beach of Isla Verde, a 7-minute drive from the airport.

During this time, so many realizations came to my mind about being a lifestyle entrepreneur that you will need to hear, regardless of where you are in your entrepeneur journey.

For those of you that have been following my story at, you will have seen that I spend most of my days in the hollow walls of the…

Another Successful Day Logged In The Books.


What do you do once you have momentum? Well you can do what winners do or you can do what the extraordinary do.

Friday I funded another $70,000 for small businesses in one day, wrapping up a strong Friday and bringing significant commissions for the sales office. So far this month I am already on track for another $10,000 in commissions for all of my efforts and the month isn’t even over yet. I know I have a lot more in me. I know I can push further.

Today after we had…

On March 10, 2020, the Dow Jones tanked 10% it’s biggest single-day decline since 1987. but the finishing the week the next day and surged to $23,185.62, up 9.4% (1,985 points), easing tension after Trump announced the Declaration of a National State of Emergency.

I am a shareholder in a publicly-traded company (OTC: INVU) that has presence in over 70 countries with an active user base of over 200,000. We give people access to a technology platform that allows them to access the markets directly on their phone. …

Why You Should Attend More Conferences

How often do you see somebody successful and wonder how lucky they just be to have that success? How often do you compare it to your current business or venture and realize, “I don’t have that,” or “oh, he did that but that’s him, I could never do that, it doesn’t apply to me.” You start to play the comparison game and it sinks you down a spiraling drain of de-motivation.

How many times have you heard the saying, “stop comparing yourself to over people?” I’m going to challenge your thinking on that.

Vinnie Rodriguez

Vinnie is an enthusiastic and energetic thought leader on core principles and philosophies in business that transcend into our everyday lives.

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