This is WIle Coyote

For many years, Wile has made every attempt to pull a fast one on the RoadRunner, attempting to catch him, but every time he’s tried, the RoadRunner was just too smart for him. And every time, he ended up hurt. Bruised, wounded, crushed, defeated. He tried…

Nobody is here to save you

Last night, after a full year of a depressed economy affected by a global health crisis, millions of people losing their jobs, shutting their businesses down, Congress finally came to an agreement to release another stimulus package for the American populous. However, before President…

Over the last three days, I’ve been staying in Puerto Rico helping my uncle make some renovations on the condominium for his AirBNB. It’s a few sandal steps right off the beach of Isla Verde, a 7-minute drive from the airport.

During this time, so many realizations came to my…

Another Successful Day Logged In The Books.


What do you do once you have momentum? Well you can do what winners do or you can do what the extraordinary do.

Friday I funded another $70,000 for small businesses in one day, wrapping up a strong Friday and bringing significant…

Why You Should Attend More Conferences

How often do you see somebody successful and wonder how lucky they just be to have that success? How often do you compare it to your current business or venture and realize, “I don’t have that,” or “oh, he did that but that’s…

Vinnie Rodriguez

Vinnie is an enthusiastic and energetic thought leader on core principles and philosophies in business that transcend into our everyday lives.

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